The stairway and entry to a brownstone

8 Famous Houses That Are Pop Culture Pilgrimage Sites


The stately Georgian dwelling’s exterior, living room, and foyer were used in the movie, though most other scenes were shot on a soundstage, according to Vanity Fair. The homeowners told the magazine that fans started seeking out the home not long after the film hit theaters. “We would have not believed back then that there would be sightseers coming to look at that house for years afterward,” said John Abendshien, who lived in the home at the time the movie was filmed. Over the decades that followed, the family dealt with some trespassers on the property, but also met figures like a foreign ambassador as well as a number of Make-A-Wish recipients who visited the famous dwelling. “We had the privilege of meeting so many wonderful people along the way,” Abendshien said.

Carrie Bradshaw’s Brownstone from Sex and the City

The stairway and entry to the Perry Street apartment where Carrie Bradshaw is frequently shown in the original series as well as the reboot. Designed by architect Robert Mook, the brownstone was built in 1866.

Photo: Alex Segre/UCG/Getty Images

Sarah Jessica Parker, in character as Carrie Bradshaw, on the set of And Just Like That… in March 2023. In real life, the actor is also a New Yorker and has owned residences in the West Village and Greenwich Village.

Photo: Jose Perez/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images/Getty Images

Any Sex and the City fan knows that the writer and fashion fiend Carrie Bradshaw has maintained her posh Upper East Side apartment since the show’s original run in the ’90s all the way through to today, with the series’ reboot And Just Like That… But anyone in search of the charming brownstone featured in the show should head to the opposite end of Manhattan, as the real-life abode used for the exterior shots in the program is in the West Village.

New York 1 interviewed the daughter of the unit’s longtime owner in 2021, who shared that Sarah Jessica Parker had to pop in occasionally: “She had to come into his apartment just to shoot a couple of times, you know, stick her head out the window.” The family also shared that fans have never been shy about stopping by the brownstone to make their love for Carrie known: “Screaming day and night, hordes of people, for years, come rain, snow, whatever, they’re at the window screaming, ‘Carrie we love you!’”

Taylor Swift’s Cornelia Street Carriage House

The carriage house boasts a garage residents can drive directly into—certainly a crucial feature for any ultra-famous pop star looking to duck paparazzi.

Photo: Al Siedman/VHT for The Corcoran Group


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