Though Nicole and Charles couldnt maintain many original features they did name their house “The Lucille and Otis” to...

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Before the pandemic, Camilla Ruth Marcus, chef and owner of zero-waste culinary company west~bourne, and her husband, Josh, had never owned a home before—much less renovated one. But in the spring of 2021, they left New York City for Camilla’s native California with a toddler in tow, another baby on the way, and real estate moves on their near horizon.

A serendipitous call ended in the purchase of a lush acre that envelops their ranch-style home in West LA. Camilla had loved the storied Kenter Canyon community, where the light-filled home was located, since she was a child. Plus, its wild garden provided the farmable land they were looking for. “To be able to grow our own food and provide our kids with an exploratory childhood in nature is what made us fall in love [with it] instantly.”

Nature is the star of the home and it’s easy to see why in the stunning backyard, where a self-designed chicken coop, vegetable garden, and firepit, surrounded by Stahl + Band Reform chairs, can all be seen. “My husband’s favorite saying is ‘the thing speaks for itself’,” says Camilla with a smile. “That became my design philosophy for the house. We wanted to keep the original intent: simplicity on the inside that can really highlight the lushness of the outside.” —Claire Brodka

Though Nicole and Charles couldn’t maintain many original features, they did name their house “The Lucille and Otis” to honor the previous owners.

Sean Pressley

Refugia Design created the slanted decks in addition to the verdant landscaping.

Sean Pressley



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