Whether you’re building a new house or renovating an old one, you’ll no doubt have to address your kitchen at some point in the process. Kitchen floor ideas can help you set the tone for your space, and help you solidify what you want from your kitchen. Do you want a kitchen that’s understated and easy to clean up? A durable flooring material should be prioritized. Do you want something that’ll be comfortable for hours of meal prep? Maybe a softer material would be best. Are you not much of a home cook and see your kitchen as mostly a space for hosting? Aesthetics should be top of mind. The questions you ask yourself about your flooring will no doubt inform every other part of the design too.

More than anyone, professional interior designers know the importance of the right kitchen flooring choice. “The right flooring choice underscores and embellishes the emotional impact you’re trying to create in a space since it’s the first surface that you physically interact with,” says designer Nick Spain of multidisciplinary design studio Arthur’s. “You have to step into a space before you can really experience it, and the very first thing you’re feeling is that grounding connection of your feet against the floor. It can be hard, soft, ridged, smooth, fuzzy, squishy, quiet, loud; all of these sensations create drastically different first impressions within a matter of seconds.”

For designer Leah Ring, founder of multidisciplinary design firm Another Human, kitchen flooring is a useful element for expressing the style of the space. “We often look for kitchen flooring options that allow us to inject more color into the space. We generally opt for tile or linoleum because there is such a great range of fun, saturated colors and both materials are durable,” says Ring.

Read on for 11 of our favorite kitchen floor ideas from homes featured in AD and Clever.


This moody Oakland home was designed by Nick Spain of multidisciplinary design studio Arthur’s.

Photo: James John Jetel


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