AGORA — Architectural Graduation Venture, 2020

AGORA — Architectural Graduation Venture, 2020

Architectural Commencement Project, Urban Main — 2020

The AGORA is positioned in the heart of Wadi Kharouba, Matrouh Governate in Egypt’s Western Desolate tract, as the preliminary section of the next Masterplan along the Valley.
It consists of a public square with a corresponding residential Neighborhood designed for the native bedouin neighborhood. The AGORA acts as an Urban Catalyst, motivating extra Urban Agglomerations and trends. Wadi urbanization is inevitable as its home to the desolate tract’s minute Cultivatable lands, then again, urbanization is fragmented and informal, which potential that reality, establishing a neighborhood in shut proximity to the locals’ livelihood is prioritized.

On account of the Bedouins’ isolation from correctly-serviced metropolis products and services, they depend largely on Social Capital for survival, which potential that reality establishing a public predicament to host, facilitate & abet these public functions is one more top priority.

The AGORA connects the neighborhoods of the Wadi and adjacent Wadis. Positioned on the best elevation level, +105 m, it occupies a strategic space and is constructed to service all of Matrouh by recordsdata superhighway hosting numerous functions including; an industrial zone, accompanied by a walkthrough market, a desolate tract woodland, grown the usage of treated solid-kill water, from which wood is supplied to the commercial workshops conserving a closed-loop. The solid-kill water treatment facility also doubles as an amphitheater. Vertical farms doubling as Peep Towers, Pigeon Towers and other productive functions were added to diversify earnings streams.

Matrouh’s locals’ earnings majorly relies on Tourism and Agriculture. These industries savor proven susceptible due to factors equivalent to, tourism seasonality, political unrest, world health crises i.e. COVID-19, climate commerce, water shortage and seasonal draughts. The AGORA aims to lengthen past these industries, establishing a holistic, resilient financial system.

This Urban proposal aims to halt a closed-loop and round financial system, sustainability and self-sufficiency, an adaptive metropolis with twin and triple-characteristic typologies, allowing for adaptive re-exercise as per the other folks’s wants and sooner or later, a resilient native financial system.

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