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family home Saudi Arabia, Vacuum design and philosophy of using

The family home of Saudi Arabia, a vacuum filled with family needs and needs that coincide with the determination of the family to build a house in a correct manner and commensurate with the needs of the family and is known that this challenge passes after important points we want to review extensively through this article, which we will highlight The following points: –
1. Put the architectural piles in the Saudi market
2. Need or desire
3. Sustainability in Saudi housing
The first point: the situation of the Saudi architectural market
If you ask any of the Saudi architects who have been active for years, you will find that most of them have a certain style of customers and the work method is practiced in which the best energy and positive design in the design and even devises more architectural solutions that take into account the request of the customer and contribute to make the output The Saudi Residential Architect is a global icon. However, most of the consumer customers of the Saudi market and the owners of the houses do not have sufficient knowledge of the culture of building and planning the house. The Ministry of Housing has sought to develop this pattern by presenting housing projects for those who are next to Saudi housing finance and for purposes of raising the quality of housing The Pal But this may conflict with the thinking of most conservative customers who do not appreciate the role of architecture and architecture in building civilization and that in itself is the biggest mistake contributed and will contribute to the visual distortion of Saudi architecture and an environment that is not exposed to the life of the family that will become threatened Random conditions and irregularities
Before the decision to build the house, the builder is looking at the cost of construction. This is true, but it must be borne in mind that the cost of designing a private house must be estimated at no more than 5% of the value of the project. After that the builders, whose work should be in the construction of houses, and in view of the right way, the decision-maker due to lack of awareness will be addressed to one of the engineering offices, which is called to the owners of experience of architects (offices bag) Talk and start the owner in indulging With a sense of simplicity and ask this office to start the design process The landlord will see that the demands of the respondent and the margin of changes and amendments are broad and remains very happy and is “not specialized in this work” in one of the discussions we reached the cost of design and license building at a cost of 1.5 million riyals will be 8 thousand riyals less than 0.05% of The value of the project, knowing that this value will make it lose its waste in the waste of materials and an additional side in the iron and increase the loads are not disappointed.
The second point: need or desire
Most of the Saudi families are not clear in their vacuous program. The vacuous program for the family house, whether it is a villa or an apartment or the like, always causes some differences and you find that 60% of the buildings are not used and are intended for occasions. And Saudi Arabian generosity always controls the atmosphere but what will affect the situation of the family vacancy and in fact, the rate of operation of these spaces does not exceed 5 days a year, we are talking here about the contemporary Saudi family and the program differs from the house of the largest family according to the latest statistics will We are talking about 240 m To accommodate the contemporary Saudi family and the preferred style is the apartments, but most of the spaces go under the hospitality, which we will talk about the subject of social architecture and the extent of the impact of the community architecture.
Third point: sustainability
The Saudi housing and let’s be more clear Villa Saudi Arabia, through the stages and the long labor of municipal ramifications and schematic and then get to the final product, but before reaching this level first to move after the passage of the designer indifferent and after not taking into account the lifestyle and The negligence of the vacuum program and after the increase of safety factors for concrete and pass on many of these points we reach the last point ;; What can be offset, there are irreplaceable aspects of space and errors in design Gala, and there is a physical side What will be possible housing Reparation? The answer
It is the key to most problems, yes, some will increase the proportion of iron used in the foundations and will consume some large amounts of water and electrical connections, and the balance of the openings of the window, not to mention the wrong direction of the buildings and many of the many mistakes that will be passed by the engineer; However, if you take into account the aspect of storage will provide the user of the efficiency of the building and will reduce the consumption rates and therefore will be the rate of use of the incoming few of which will result in the recovery of part of the capital, and at least this part will make you feel that you did not lose much.

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