كاميرات المراقبة للفراغات الداخلية، طريقه توزيعها وتركيبه - Surveillance cameras for internal spaces, the way to distribute and install them

Surveillance cameras for internal spaces are distributed and installed

Surveillance cameras for internal spaces are distributed and installed

What is the importance of surveillance cameras for internal spaces? Many need surveillance cameras for internal spaces, as there are many people who want to secure their work places from stores and companies and protect them from theft without the presence of an observer and without fatigue or move continuously, because this is difficult for security personnel because of the difficulty of permanent regularity, so they resort to using Surveillance cameras that work with the latest necessary and necessary technologies, and also through these cameras can record many things with sound and image, which guarantees you a daily report if you want to follow up the performance of your work and work.

Internal surveillance cameras

Since we have mentioned part of the importance of surveillance cameras for internal spaces, they have many and many other benefits and advantages, as they help secure homes, companies, hospitals, stores, universities, and other institutions because of their ability to record everything that was seen with sound and image, and that These cameras have the ability to connect to the Internet, which allows you to follow your workplaces without having to be in the same place, and also have the ability to connect to any computer whatever, where it can be controlled and monitored wherever one of the cameras is located, as it is suitable for work By Electronic System Within one place, and this is what distinguishes those internal cameras that are used for monitoring, which allows monitoring whether through the use of a mobile phone, a television screen, or even a computer screen, and one of the best cameras that are used in this field is CCTV cameras, where they work by connecting to DVR devices.

Method of distributing surveillance cameras for internal spaces

The surveillance cameras for the internal spaces must be distributed in a professional manner by the technician or the specialist, so some instructions are followed through which all corners are used for the appearance of parts of rooms or stores clearly through the cameras, and it is possible to install small semi-circular cameras on the ceilings and make the connection wires From the back, and in the event that there are no roofs in the interior places it can be placed with sides and corners, but at an appropriate angle, so that it can expand to see a lot of places and angles, and the internal camera must be monitored at a height of five meters from the ground, and In case it is suspended in the walls, it must be placed clearly, to clarify to all people that the place is monitored by the cameras, and it is preferable when placing cameras in high places such as towers and others that these cameras are of the mobile type.

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Method of installing surveillance cameras

The installation of surveillance cameras for internal spaces is installed by a specialized technician, and the steps for installing them can be illustrated by several points, namely:

(First: the hard disk) The hard disk is installed in an easy way, as this is done by unscrewing the screws and removing the cap, and then we will find the wires, then the camera is connected inside the device, and these wires are connected to the hard disk, and then the hard insert is inserted inside the device and fixed to many Of the screws in place, and then the device is closed and the device must be installed again from the bottom.

(Second: Connecting the Screen) The display cable is brought up, and then it is connected inside the device in its specific location, then the mouse or mouse is attached to the device to control the arrow in the screen.

(Third: Connecting Power) The power or electricity source is connected to the device through the location of its transformer.

(Fourth: Connecting the cable) It is a cable consisting of four parties, two in red and two in yellow, then we take the end of the red and yellow cables and connect them to both ends of the camera cables, where the yellow end is connected to the DVR device, and the red end is connected to the adapter to supply the camera with energy or electricity.

(Fifth: Connecting the adapter) After the adapter has been connected to the electricity, the button on the back of the device will be pressed and the image will appear on the screen.

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