Nate Berkus and Shawn Henderson Are Early Supporters for New Designer Connection Tool Intro


After all, the consumer standing in the paint aisle facing hundreds of samples might just need a bit of expert clarity. The variety of people, projects, questions, and design challenges that have emerged during the platform’s beta testing have been a joy to encounter, Henderson says. The brief sessions are a major plus for participating designers as well—in addition to Intro consulting, Henderson is on the heels of the release of his new monograph, Interiors in Context, in addition to managing his full-service project list.

For Henderson and Berkus, rates start at $199 for the 15-minute “micro-consultations,” as Intro founder Raad Mobrem calls them. “Obviously we would love to facilitate in-person interactions, but that makes it somewhat infeasible for the experts,” Mobrem says. “By making it virtual, you’re getting something that otherwise would have been impossible.”

The platform features a range of creative disciplines.

Illustration: Anthony Boyd Graphics

Mobrem’s tech team developed all the software in-house, striving to keep the price point “a lot more digestible” for clients to seek advice from pros in their respective industries. Thus far, approximately 60% of Intro users book at least one additional session with the same expert or schedule time for guidance with others in different fields on the app, Mobrem says. And the platform has generated VC interest as well: Investors include basketball star Kevin Durant, agent Michael Ovitz, and comedian Tiffany Haddish, as well as Berkus and Rachel Zoe.

For pros on the platform, Intro’s booking tool makes it easy to schedule and match their availability with potential clients. After several sessions, Henderson has tips for how to make the most out of the process, whether it’s 15-minute sessions or longer calls that might tackle everything from selecting sconces to making larger layout decisions. Before dialing in, he advises clients: “The more organized, the better, so have prepared questions down. It’s deeply interactive, and there’s a lot of information that flows within that timeframe so be ready to take lots of notes.” In other words, class is in session.


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