In the era of globalization, digital technology and artificial intelligence 2024, electronic platforms are gaining increasing importance in the fields of knowledge and creativity. This trend is evident in the field of architecture, where websites play a vital role in exchanging knowledge and promoting creativity. From this standpoint, the “archup” website comes as a pioneer in this field, directing its efforts towards providing high-quality Arabic architectural content since its founding in 2019. This website has developed into a bilingual platform, serving a wide audience at the Arab and international levels.
In the same context, other initiatives stand out, which began as a non-profit volunteer group founded by graduate students in the United Kingdom in 2013. This initiative focuses on exchanging knowledge in the field of architecture and urban planning, with an emphasis on social interaction. On the other hand, we find the “Archot” website, which provides a unique experience with its Arabic and English content that goes beyond the architectural field to include art, design, and urban planning.
A leading social platform promoting the fields of architecture and interior design cannot be overlooked, as well as the “Engineer Network Forums” which provide an interactive platform for engineering discussions. Finally, we find architectural magazines, which are one of the prominent magazines in the field of architecture and construction in the Arab world, followed by “Archogle” as a specialized blog that provides the latest architectural news.
These platforms reflect the great development in the field of architecture and design, providing rich sources of knowledge and inspiration for engineers, designers, and students alike, which contributes to enhancing innovation and creativity in this vital field.

archup network

Founding and Objectives: “archup” was founded in 2019 in response to the urgent need for high-quality Arabic architectural content. Today it prides itself as the largest bilingual platform in the field of architecture, and has the largest collection of pages published on the web​​.
Today, archup is an international architectural website. It was started for the Arab public, but through the preparation team’s ambitious plans, the site has become archived for the public in both Arabic and English. It is an extremely powerful site and a rich source of information and architectural content.
Features: It is distinguished by its non-profit spirit that focuses on promoting architectural knowledge and creativity in both Arabic and English.


Origins and establishment: “Bawtaqah” for Architecture and Urbanism began in 2013 as a non-profit volunteer group founded by six postgraduate students in the United Kingdom.
Objectives and activities: The main objective of the Crucible is to share knowledge and specialized sciences in the field of architecture and urbanism with students on scholarship in Britain. It is considered one of the technical fields that requires discussion and criticism among specialists, and it focuses on social media interaction.

site archot

The site means a fusion of the world. The site offers exceptional Arabic and English content, but it goes beyond architectural activity and goes on to display news and articles about art, architecture, design, and urban planning. This type becomes more compatible with architecture.


Founded: ArchNet was started in January 2017.
Objective: Aiming to socialize the fields of architecture and interior design.
Audience: The site includes more than 15,000 architects and designers in the Arab world and abroad.
Vision: The goal is to be the leading social platform for communication and development of the fields of architecture and interior design in all Arab countries.
Mission: To create a reliable, creative and professional community that supports specialists in their fields by developing skills and sharing individual and collective architectural success

Engineer Network Forums:

Website: almuhands
Description: Engineer Network Forums is an interactive platform concerned with various engineering topics. The site includes many sections such as civil engineering, engineering and development news forum, and engineering consultations in the field of architecture and decoration. The site is distinguished by providing a space for engineers and those interested in architecture to exchange ideas, inquiries and discussions related to the field.

Construction Magazine – Albenaa Magazine:

Website: albenaamag
Description: Al-Binaa Magazine is considered one of the most prominent magazines in the field of architecture and construction in the Arab world. The magazine offers a wide range of content related to various architectural projects such as residences, residential buildings, educational buildings, hotels, office and commercial buildings, libraries, museums, airports, and railway stations. It also includes various architectural research and studies, making it a rich source of information and inspiration for engineers and architects.


“Archogle” is a specialized architectural blog concerned with providing the latest and most prominent architectural news.
News is filtered and presented to the community in both Arabic and English.
The site supports Arabic content for architects and provides modern and distinctive information in the field of architecture.
To get more detailed information about both sites, one can visit their websites directly or search for reviews or user comments to evaluate the quality and content of these sites.