An intelligent approach to transport system design to regulate congestion

An intelligent approach to transport system design to regulate congestion – Because of the population density and the increase in human numbers that lead to traffic congestion, the state considered that it is necessary to find new and safe roads for citizens to transport and regulate the traffic congestion in the country.

What is a smart transportation system

ما هو النظام الذكي للنقل - What is a smart transportation system

It is an application of modern technology to assist and improve the population movement, whether practical or daily, due to the increasing population density in the world. The state sees the necessity of developing transportation means to facilitate movement operations on them, through the use of modern technology to help and support people working and responsible for traffic and traffic in the country, meaning Providing them with systems about the already crowded places and places Design Supervision where there is regular traffic, in order to facilitate their management of their path or journey, as this does not affect their work or life.

The aim of these regulations and their impact on the state

  • Reducing traffic congestion that obstructs many citizens’ actions.
  • Prioritize and make traffic easier for road users as “ambulances – passenger buses – transport and freight trucks”
  • Intensify and provide the tools necessary for monitoring in the event of problems, and to ensure the safety and security of users of these methods.
  • Dispense with building new roads to reduce congestion.
  • Save time and equipment used in abundance and create abundance for the local economy.
  • Facilitate matters for the state to collect data more easily and quickly about traffic and send it to the traffic control center to control traffic and synchronize signals throughout the country.
  • Also, it is easy to monitor and monitor accidents to be able to control situations before exacerbation.

Saudi consultant in the intelligent transportation system, there is the feature of the single lane calculation, meaning there is a path dedicated to each vehicle or means of transportation to completely reduce traffic congestion and make it level of what is called “coordination”.

Some studies have shown that people usually have a psychological phenomenon when taking over driving which is the main reason for doing traffic congestion or accidents. They concluded that these problems can be solved by some smart systems that reduce driver behavior by 30% with the help of the central authority, consultant firm by means of Use of self-driving vehicles in the future to ensure that violent and congested traffic is minimized.

The role of the smart transport network in improving safety and security

دور شبكة النقل الذكية في تحسين السلامة والأمن - The role of the smart transport network in improving safety and security

The studies of this project have concluded that the contribution of the smart transport network in reducing traffic accidents time has been estimated by between 30 and 90 minutes, or approximately 47%, thus providing a lot of economic returns to the country from accidents.

Monitor speed violations in a clearer and faster way to avoid traffic accidents and avoid them to ensure the safety of road users.

It is worth noting that the smart transportation system has been applied in many countries such as “Makkah – Abu Dhabi – Dakota” and has received great attention to its success and its positive effects on the country.

In the American city of Dakota, you have suffered from the problems of repeated traffic accidents due to excessive speed and an increase in the effects resulting from accidents, especially in rural areas due to the slow emergency response to these accidents. After Dakota’s focus on using the smart transportation system, traffic accidents decreased significantly with the speed of the emergency response and intervention To save the situation easily and quickly.

Traffic congestion is considered one of the most problems that any country is trying to find solutions to reduce and get rid of, through the use of smart systems and their application local consultant Architect and start collecting traffic information and use it will facilitate the state for itself to get rid of traffic congestion and repeated accidents in it more and provide the safety of traveling citizens and workers with ease.

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